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Re: Gearbox Oil Additive

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Subject: Re: Gearbox Oil Additive
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 15:48:54 -0400
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ummm, thicker oil does not lubricate the lay shaft needle bearings well.
why are you interested in trying to do this?  a drain and fill is probably
all you need.   if it's that noisey,  rather than keep pressing on with it
you had better tear it down and see what is wrong before it gets even more

upon filling it pay attention to proper quantity of required
lubricant...overfilling leads to lubricating the clutch disc.....c.

Subject: Gearbox Oil Additive

> Here is a question for all who may care to answer.  Is there any type of
oil additive, or maybe a heavier oil viscosity recomended for a 1275 gear
box that has seen beter times, and has been run low on oil for god knows how
long.  I would also like to flush out the gearbox while it is still in the
car.  I have used GUNK Motor flush in older motors with success, but don't
know how it would work in a tranny.  Does anyone have a lead on magnetic
plugs for the gearbox?
> Inquireing Minds

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