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Re: lift for rent in NJ ?

Subject: Re: lift for rent in NJ ?
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 11:35:55 -0500
Cc: Spridgets <spridgets@autox.team.net>, spridgets@autox.team.net
References: <f2.1c958f3e.2a2f81d0@aol.com>
I have a spare hole..built it with a credit card and (insert name of well known
auction site here.) I am sure that amongst all of us we could get a HUGE hole to
Bruce (TX)

> Steve, if a hole in the ground will work, I'll box one up and send it to you.
>  I't up to you to install it, but I'll give you first crack before it goes on
> ebay.
> Robert B. Houston

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