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Re: Blew a rod

To: Carter Tuggle <goutvols2@mchsi.com>
Subject: Re: Blew a rod
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 15:54:21 -0400
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It's entirely possible that the rod is fine, and that all you really 
need is new bearings (main, rods and thrust washers.  The job can be 
done on the 1500 Midget with the engine in the car, though your mechanic 
will probably say it's a bad idea.  See:


The 1500 engine is notorious for eating its rod bearings, thrust washers 
and main bearings.  The rest of the engine can be in prime shape, and 
the bearings will be too sloppy to keep oil pressure.

BTW: What's your oil pressure?  If it's too much below 20 pounds at 
idle, bearings are a good guess.

Chris K.

Carter Tuggle wrote:

>Well here I go again.  I have a 79 midget.  Last week I started hearing a
>faint knock when I gave it gas.  Today it got louder.  So I went straight to
>the Mg guru.. He says by listening it sounds like I have blown a rod.  I don't
>know this mechanic but I have been told he is the best we have here in
>southeast MO.  So I need your opinions as to what he says needs to be done.
>First he says that he will Drop the oil pan to look at it.  If it is a rod he
>will have to pull the engine to fix..  If this is true, I would be a fool not
>to go ahead and replace the clutch.  Right?  Is there anything else I should
>do while I have the engine out?  What I'm thinking is after he pulls the
>engine I will go get the body, bring it home & clean up & paint the engine
>bay.  Anybody else out there who have been through this, I would appreciate
>your insights into what you did or what you wish you would have done.  Thanks
>in advance.

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