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Re: Blew a rod

To: Carter Tuggle <goutvols2@mchsi.com>, spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Blew a rod
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 22:05:52 -0700
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Had this very thing happen on one I owned years ago.  Started with a
rhythmic "rattle" under hard acceleration.  Gradually got louder,  gradually
lost oil pressure.  The total time from first sign of trouble to when I
pulled the engine was almost 5000 miles.  By that time, the big end of the
rod was out of round-egg shaped.  I had to turn the crank 20 under, and
replace the rod.  You can pull the pan on the 1500 in the car, but I
guarantee whether the noise is a rod bearing or not, the engine has to come
out anyway.  While it's apart, inspect and replace everything as necessary,
because the labor is the most expensive part, and having it out and apart is
more than half the job.
David Riker
63 Falcon
70 Torino
74 Midget
77 Midget-Sold today on ebay!
98 Accord
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Subject: Blew a rod

> Well here I go again.  I have a 79 midget.  Last week I started hearing a
> faint knock when I gave it gas.  Today it got louder.  So I went straight
> the Mg guru.. He says by listening it sounds like I have blown a rod.  I
> know this mechanic but I have been told he is the best we have here in
> southeast MO.  So I need your opinions as to what he says needs to be
> First he says that he will Drop the oil pan to look at it.  If it is a rod
> will have to pull the engine to fix..  If this is true, I would be a fool
> to go ahead and replace the clutch.  Right?  Is there anything else I
> do while I have the engine out?  What I'm thinking is after he pulls the
> engine I will go get the body, bring it home & clean up & paint the engine
> bay.  Anybody else out there who have been through this, I would
> your insights into what you did or what you wish you would have done.
> in advance.
> Carter

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