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Re: Spark Plugs

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Subject: Re: Spark Plugs
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:41:38 -0400
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I've always wondered about this. The 4 prongs, that is. Only one 
prong is going to fire - not all 4. There is no way to know which one 
is going to fire. So, you're right, 4 prongs end indexing, because 
you don't know which gap to index off of.

AND, since you are never sure which gap is going to be fired across, 
you run a higher risk that one of the prongs will actually be 
blocking the path between the firing gap and the intake valve.

No doubt someone will set me straight, but what's all about, Alfie?

>"J. Le Clainche" wrote:
>>  Two of you mentioned "indexing"...
>Indexing is getting the gap pointed towards the intake valve.
>4 prong plugs end indexing.
>Frank Clarici
>Toms River, NJ

Jeffrey H. Boatright, PhD
Assistant Professor, Emory Eye Center, Atlanta, GA
Senior Editor, Molecular Vision
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