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re: Spark plugs

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Subject: re: Spark plugs
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 02 17:13:46 EDT
per CapnRob
>>You might try mixing this stuff

  Why I remember back in..
  I mean.. Back when lead started disappearing from auto gas one of the
car mags (Cur&Drivel?) did some experimenting and found that a judicious
mix of unleaded premium and leaded regular actually gave better octane
than either alone.  (Abouyt a 50-50 mix?)
  Since (I think) LL avgas is actually pretty highly leaded compared to
the old leaded auto gas (regular at least) it might be worthwhile
experimenting with various percentages of autogas premium and LL avgas.
(I'd started with less-than-50% avgas.)
  Ed in NC

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