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Re: Spark Plugs

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Subject: Re: Spark Plugs
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 11:42:53 -0400
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spark plugs are to be torqued to 25 foot pounds.   now how could you strip a
plug at that torque??
inquiring minds want to know?

been there broke that...  :)
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> << Thanks to Charles and Frank for the answer on "indexing". One more
thing I
>  learned on this list! >>
> Yes, but for those of us still using regular plugs...how do you index.
> tighten or loosen the plug until the gap is facing where you want it? Is
> there enough give in the compression washer on the plug?
> I still haven't forgotten the time I stripped the head on my Suzuki 80 (35
> years ago!) and I am still squirrelly about how much I tighten the the
> David Oliner
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