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RE: Spark Plugs

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Subject: RE: Spark Plugs
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 09:07:51 -0400
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Just a couple of quick questions about plugs, particularly NGK plug choices
and designations...  When I go to the NGK website and ask for a plug for a
1275 engined car, I get their listing of either a BP6ES, a BP6EY, or a
BPR6EVX as the appropriate plug to use.

I noticed that many people here are using either a 7 or an 8 heat range
rather than the suggested 6 heat range.  Any particular reason why?  Are you
experiencing detonation with the 6 heat range?  Is NGK's listing wrong?

Another suggestion was to use a B8EV plug (Peter C. who typically has the
true pulse of the parts industry made this suggestion).  Using NGK's info on
their parts numbering system, this would not be a projected tip plug which
should make it very slightly colder (10-20 degrees C colder) than a BP8E*
series plug.  Any particular reason that we are going colder in our plugs?
Does NGK make a BP6EV or BP7EV?  

Thanks for the discussion on plugs!  Very informative!

Jackson Zimmermann
64 A-H Sprite (1275)

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