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squeaky front suspension (was introduction...)

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Subject: squeaky front suspension (was introduction...)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 12:05:49 -0400
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My front suspension has developed a fine squeak as well.  I have tried
lubing (with a brush only so far) the item pictured here...


...with only temporary results.  Is there a better, more permanent way to
deal with this?

78 Midget

> One thing--keep the front suspension well lubed.  The
> Kingpin swivels at the bottom of the suspension on a fulcrum pin.  These
> a nasty habit of wearing out due to the pivoting action of the pin inside
> bushings.  You can assist the process by regularly squirting some grease
> the joint.  Also, it helps to have a zerk fitting installed in the rear of
> the fulcrum pin bushings--thre is already one in the front.  That helps to
> get grease to both ends of the pin.

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