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Re: 1500 5 Speed ??

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Subject: Re: 1500 5 Speed ??
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Yeppers, that's the correct company name. And about $400 less than Waterloo.
But I have no idea if the kit contains all the bits and pieces.


On 6/17/02 2:33 PM, "dan.dwelley@ps.ge.com" <dan.dwelley@ps.ge.com> made the
profound revelation:

> Larry,
> The guy in CT. is John Esposito "Quantum Mechanics" I had him rebuild my
> 1500 tranny and put a hardened gear set in it. Great work!!! I would
> recommend him to anyone and do.
> No interest here; just a very satisfied customer. (Quality and price!)
> Dan Dwelley
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> Paul, Thanks for the Frontline info. Now if I could just figure out the
> pricing ;-) Know of a US dealer, besides John??
> There is a company in CT that was at Carlisle last month. I have the contact
> info at home. I was kinda looking to go with a list member first.
> PS anyone ever put one in before?? Can it be done over a weekend if all the
> bits are available??
> Larry

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