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Re: ...and now for something completely different...

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Subject: Re: ...and now for something completely different...
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:24:57 -0400
References: <4B571C0EB6C0D4119C4A00508BF907DA05F9F8D1@nyschx19psge.sch.g e.com> <3D1076B2.E49439A2@digitex.net>
I'm frankly disappointed in the lack of respect for someones apparant
enthusiasm for this car.

As several have pointed out, it would have been easier and better to put a
1275 in. Why do you suppose he didn't?  I really don't know. But maybe he
thought the 1500 was a better engine. After all, it IS bigger, and it IS
newer. Not everyone has access to the collective knowledge of a list like
this. OK, maybe he did it because he had one, or got it for free. But who

You know, 99.9999% of the American public would think that this little car
was totally awesome and could care less about whether the Sprite Arrow is in
the right location or if it has a boat anchor of an engine. As Jay so aptly
put, it's the preservation of the integrity of the body/chassis that is most

I'd prefer to think the guy was simply ill-informed or ignorant until proven


1972 Midget
1998 Safari
1999 9-3
1964 (me)

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