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Re: ...and now for something completely different...

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Subject: Re: ...and now for something completely different...
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:54:01 EDT
GUILTY AS CHARGED, the evidence is overwhelming!

How much does the guy know about anything?  He put a heavier engine, 
bellhousing and gearbox that aside from synchro on first has zero advantages 
over fitting a 1275.  I'm having internet access trouble tonight (AOL for 
sure) but does he have a single Zenith carb on this car or did he source a 
pair of HS4s?

He has certainly, needlessly created a car with more weight, more understeer 
and less all round braking and cornering performance with nothing to show for 
it as an improvement other than a synchro on 1st gear.  If he fitted some 
iron block Ford he might at least have had more power to go with all the 
disadvantages but a 1500 instead of a 1275!

Who knows why he did it?  I bet he doesn't even know himself and the only 
smart thing he is doing is selling it.  The only person more ignorant than 
the person who produced this car will be the sap who buys it.

If 99.9999 of the American public think this car is awesome what can I say - 
a trillian flies eat SH** but does it count for anything?

RS (I could be Ed at just brits!) or at least a close relative!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a message dated 19/06/02 13:31:08 Greenwich Standard Time, 
david@vermonthardwoods.com writes:

> I'm frankly disappointed in the lack of respect for someones apparant
> enthusiasm for this car.
> As several have pointed out, it would have been easier and better to put a
> 1275 in. Why do you suppose he didn't?  I really don't know. But maybe he
> thought the 1500 was a better engine. After all, it IS bigger, and it IS
> newer. Not everyone has access to the collective knowledge of a list like
> this. OK, maybe he did it because he had one, or got it for free. But who
> knows.
> You know, 99.9999% of the American public would think that this little car
> was totally awesome and could care less about whether the Sprite Arrow is 
> in
> the right location or if it has a boat anchor of an engine. As Jay so aptly
> put, it's the preservation of the integrity of the body/chassis that is 
> most
> important.
> I'd prefer to think the guy was simply ill-informed or ignorant until 
> proven
> guilty.
> <dnw>
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> 1998 Safari
> 1999 9-3
> 1964 (me)

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