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Break Problems

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Subject: Break Problems
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 23:09:22 -0400
The breaks on my newly acquired '72 Midget were seizing. I found the rt. front
was locked, grease broken down, bearing retainer washer missing and no bearing
spacer. The rotor was heavily scored. I've replaced both rotors, rebuilt both
calipers, replaced the pistons and bearings on the rt. side. The right side
was a little tight and didn't rotate as freely as it should.

There was a slime settled on the bottom of the break fluid reservoir and black
flecks. I drained the fluid and refilled. I disconnected the 2 lines from the
master cylinder and tried to blow the lines out using a can of compressed air
- the kind used for cleaning office machines, the little tube its nicely in
the break line. Bleeding the lines on the rt.side wasn't too promising. The
rt. bleeders sputtered with drops of fluid that looked like Wookie poop or
some sort of other world slime. Clear fluid flows out of the left front side.

I drove the car hoping things would 'settle in' but the rt. front heated up
and locked again. My guess is that I need to blow out the lines with more
pressure. There is a new boot and piston an the master cylinder and I assumed
that it had been rebuilt but am having second thoughts that the inside was
properly cleaned or the piston set correctly.

I may not have provided enough details of the situation so please tell me what
I have overlooked. I would appreciate any advice listers can offer.


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