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Re: Clutch tips/advice

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Subject: Re: Clutch tips/advice
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 23:28:59 -0400
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The best tool you can possibly use is an engine leveling/tilting device. 
I got a cheapo one from Northern Hydraulic (Harbor and Whitney etc have 
them too) for about $20. While lifting the motor tranny combo, being 
able to tilt and lift and tilt and lift while shoving the car out from 
under the come-a-long was outstanding. It took me a few hours to remove 
it, but I was being careful not to scratch anything. I like giving 
myself all day Saturday to remove and all day Sunday to install, that 
way I don't get too tired or make dumb mistakes from trying to do too 
much in one day. (Well, OK, dumb mistakes are made)

Dave & Bobbie Carpenter
Pittsburgh, PA
60 3000 "Healey Bits" (in more pieces than they built it from)
60 Bugeye "Little Bits" click the link below for pictures

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