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Re: Break Problems

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Subject: Re: Break Problems
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 12:56:52 EDT
> In a message dated 6/19/02 11:18:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> dalep1@earthlink.net writes:
> > the break line. Bleeding the lines on the rt.side wasn't too promising. 
> The
> > rt. bleeders sputtered with drops of fluid that looked like Wookie poop 
> or

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One other thing that was just mentioned to me by a former lister, who shall 
remain nameless, is whether there has been any change in the TYPE of brake 
fluid over the years, and whether the system was properly rebuilt when the 
fluid type was changed.  DOT 5 (sillycone) brake fluid may cause natural 
rubber seals to break down, plus different types of fluid cause seals to 
swell at different rates.  If the DPO mixed different types of fluid, it 
would cause untold problems.  This could be the cause of the Wookie poop.

To be ABSOLUTELY safe, rebuild everything and replace all the rubber bits.  
This may be overkill, but if you don't know anything about the history of the 
car and the competence of the PO...well, don't drive downhill too fast!

(Insert usual brake repair disclaimer here.)  If you are unsure of your 
ability to work on the braking system in your LBC, leave brake work to a shop 
that is knowledgeable about British cars.  It won't hurt you if your car 
doesn't go, but it HAS to stop!

BTW, there is an article in the latest British Car mag about rebuilding 

Allen Hefner
SCCA Philly Region Rally Steward
'77 Midget
'75 Midget "The Project"
'92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport

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