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RE: Oil Gauge

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Subject: RE: Oil Gauge
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:10:04 -0400

I'm not sure what you're having done to your 1500 but might I make a few

If you're rebuilding the engine, have the center main oil galleries opened
up. The center main is very prone to not getting enough oil and this
spinning a rod bearing or worse (Keep in mind this is a 3 mail engine and
the center main takes a lot of stress). You do not need to get a larger
volume oil pump; the original will work just fine. Make sure you have the
thrust washers pinned! This will do away with the possibility of them
dropping into the oil pan(if they drop out, you will do some serious damage
to your crank and or block.

These are what I would consider the minimum requirements to improving the

You could go much farther with the improvements just like a few of us on the
list (Myself, Mike Graziano, and Larry Macy). The extras include raising
compression ratio to +- 9.5:1, wilder cam 275 degree up as high as 285
degree (Mike has the 285...Larry and myself have the 275), align bore and
balance the full rotating mass, dual HS4 carb setup with K&N filters, 1973
Spitfire waterpump (this will do away with the clutch style cooling fan.
although, you can use an electric cooling fan instead of the mechanically
driven fan).

These are just my thoughts. Have fun and don't worry about needing to add
another gauge. :o)))

Dan Dwelley

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Subject: Oil Gauge

With the Midget in the shop.  I have asked allot of questions about this and
that.  There seems to be a consensus that the 1500 engine has a less than
perfect bottom end.  My question is, should I add an oil pressure gauge.  I
think it would be wise.  Don't really understand why it doesn't have one.
two most important things to me are temperature & oil pressure.  Do they
a combo gauge that I could fit in where the current temp. gauge is?  Where
a good place to look?  Thanks again for your help...

79 midget

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