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Re: Fw: Oil Gauge

To: "Kent J. Miller" <Bushwacker4@prodigy.net>
Subject: Re: Fw: Oil Gauge
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 17:33:31 -0700
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My Bugeye reads "5 PSI" at hot idle and "43 PSI" at hot speed.  This worried me,
so I connected a CALIBRATED oil pressure test gauge in line with the gauge line.
The 5 PSI reading was actually 20 PSI and the 43 PSI hot reading was actually a
little over 60 PSI!  This "off" gauge reads over 20 psi cold at idle and 80 psi
at speed.  If I interpolate this, my cold pressures are somewhere around 35-40
PSI at idle and 95 PSI at speed until warmed up.  Calibrate the gauge next time
and you might be surprised, even if it is reading "normal"!
Mike MacLean-60 Sprite

"Kent J. Miller" wrote:

> They used to put them in but the low readings probably scared too many
> people! My 76 had a combo gauge and it showed just a little oil pressure at
> (hot) idle and very little more at (hot) speed. Not at all like a 1275 that
> would show 40 at (hot) idle and 60 at (hot) speed!!!
> Kent
> 1960 Bugeye
> Subject: Oil Gauge
> Don't really understand why it doesn't have one.  >
> > Carter
> > 79 midget

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