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Re: Advice on locations- no LBC- Jacques Le Clainche

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Subject: Re: Advice on locations- no LBC- Jacques Le Clainche
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 01:20:37 EDT
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> Also, our 
> very own listers, Frank Clarici and chuck christ, each live about 90 
> minutes 
> from Philly, and Larry Macy is even closer!
> Everything in Texas is a coupla hundred miles from where you are.  :-)  
> They 
> also have poisonous snakes and the temperature is 150 deg, from the middle 
> of 
> January to the middle of December.  At least that's what I've heard.  Other 
> than that, it is very dusty.

Jeez!  I hope your kitchen cabinets fall off 'the wall!

Seriously, I am a Native Texan (caps intentional) and I have to tell you l 
like what I have seen of Philly and many of the people there and near there.

I do find most of the service folks like waiters, waitresses, clerks, etc. to 
be a bit more abrupt...Whadda ya want!? being the usual response.  But the 
spring and fall are nice.  Winter is rather wet, dreary and cold.  The sun 
sets around 2:30 in the afternoon, and if it is acutally seen from mid 
October to sometime in June, the UFO sitings reports increase dramatically.

Now Austin...Once a very pretty little city in one of the prettiest parts of 
Texas.  Now populated with liberal genXers.  Service staff in resturants and 
such will often be graduated attorneys who are "doing this so I can stay in 
Austin".  Since you have lived in CA and may not mind the commute, there are 
still a number of small towns near Austin that retain some of the Texas 

Drivers passing you on small rural roads in both states will wave, but in 
Texas they will wave all five fingers.

Weather in Austin is temperate from October to June with July through 
September hot and muggy.  Actually only in the 90s with 90% humidity, but 
that's at night.

Traffic is hell in both places.

Robert Houston  

There is no better tonic for the heart than making a child smile.

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