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Re: [midgetsprite] Seat survey

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Subject: Re: [midgetsprite] Seat survey
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:17:06 EDT
In a message dated 06/28/2002 9:52:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Phil.Profili@cptii.com writes:

> I've been thinking for a while about changing seats too, but I can't
> bring myself to put something as modern looking as Fiero seats into my
> car.  I really don't like the way the headrests are combined with the
> seat.  I believe the Miata ones are the same.  Any better options?
> Anything more "classic" looking?

I tossed (gave away) my 74 Midget seats and installed a pair of '63 Spridget 
seats I bought from Crash.  I had them re-phlostered for $300, they look 
pretty good in my opinion.

They are thinner than the 74 seats and helped the leg room issue.  I'v also 
taken out the slides and bolted them directly to the floor in an effort to 
add more room.  I will try Rick's suggestion next of blocking up the front 
edge from the floor to add a little more let distance.

I have been contemplating taking the 14 pound sledge (BFH!) to the rear 
bulkhead behind the driver's seat to try and gain a couple of more aft inches 

Robert Houston

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist..." Last words of General John 
Sedgwick at the battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, US Civil War.

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