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Paint blisters on potential purchase?

To: spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Paint blisters on potential purchase?
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 21:51:25 -0400
Cc: sliedavs@excite.com
Tomorrow, I'm going to take a look at a 1965 Midget that's for sale in my area. 
 On the phone, the owner said that the car had been restored and painted.  All 
rotted panels were either replaced or patched with metal. The floorpan and one 
rocker were replaced and the other rocker and 1 rear wing received patch panels.

I believe that the owner said that the paint is a relatively new Imron paint 
job (within the last year).  He also said that there are 5 small blisters on 
the A-pillar and stated that they are likely due to small rust pits that must 
not have been covered by the rust neutralizer that he used. He aslo said that 
there was no rot in the A-pillar, just the surface blisters. 

Although I haven't seen the car yet, is his expanantion about the blisters 
feasible, or should I be concerned that a poor prep job was performed that 
could lead to serious corrosion issues.

Any other things I should look for, or other potential pitfalls that I might 
face with my first Midget?

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