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RE: Garage floor treatment recommendations

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Subject: RE: Garage floor treatment recommendations
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 17:33:50 -0000
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Thanks for all of the replies I've gotten so far!  The house is new to me,
but has been there for two years, so I hope the cement has set up by now!

I had seen the black and white tile before from one of the specialty car
catalogs, but I never looked at the price.  General consensus seems to be
that it is a very nice option, but also very expensive.

I had also thought about the epoxy sealants, and that seems to be the most
widely used method.  It won't be a problem cleaning the floor and letting
different layers dry, considering there's nothing in there yet. <grin>   I'd
be looking for particular brands and types that people have used

Looking forward to hearing more input, and also to a possible SWAG/OSHIT/SOS
meet in Texas once I get my Sprite back from California.  Thanks again!

Greg Gowins
'69 Sprite (in Bay Area, CA)
'72 Me (in London, UK)

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Subject: Garage floor treatment recommendations

Hello all,


I'm looking to get my new house setup with a decent garage for optimal LBC
work.  Currently the floor is bare concrete.  I was wondering what products
people recommend to treat and/or resurface the floor, in order to provide
anti-stain, anti-slip, and all around goodness.  Any and all recommendations
and comments are appreciated.  Thanks!



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