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Re: VW Micro Bus

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Subject: Re: VW Micro Bus
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:09:02 -0400
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Actually with all that weight located down low in the center of the vehicle
the handling was better than stock.  Stopping was a whole 'nuther can of
worms though.....  :-)

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Subject: Re: VW Micro Bus

> Boy, I bet that handled like .. .  er .. a vastly
> overpowered brick that would make today's SUVs look
> like bastions of stability the first time it hit a
> corner or a 50 mph crosswind ;-)  OTOH, the wheelies
> must have been good for grins!
> Rick

--- Rick Fisk <refisk@chartermi.net> wrote:

> So.....he pulled the VW engine and transaxle and
> installed a 350hp Chevy 327
> mounted mid-ships mated to an auto trans driving a
> Chevy rear axle.  No more
> problems with a lack of power.  :-)

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