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RE: Sprite 50th Anniversary

To: spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: RE: Sprite 50th Anniversary
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 04:34:32 +0000
I was gonna forward the discussion to the right people in the AHCA 
leadership (I'm just a magazine editor), but since y'all mentioned me by 
name (even if misspelled), let me jump in here with a few thoughts:

-- First and foremost, all of the negativity and carping and grousing will 
do us exactly NO good.  Get over it.  Big Healey people don't dislike 
Sprites or Sprite owners, but the attitude that they do gets old.  (And I 
have a special file for complaints from people who complain about not enough 
Sprite stuff in the mag, but yet have never contributed anything themselves; 
you think I make up the articles in the mag myself?)

-- I was there at Rick Moses' side helping organize and conduct the 30th 
anniversary meet in 1988, Rick's first of his every-five-years celebrations. 
  I was overseas (west Africa) in 1993 and couldn't help directly with that 
one, but I did name it -- "Sprite Rush" -- and lent what moral support and 
encouragement and ideas as I could from my remote location.  I helped out in 
1998, and a bit in 2003, even though I was in the Gulf in the run-up to it, 
and then in the midst of a move from Florida to Oregon when it happened.  
I've been there, helping as I could, for a long time.  Were you?

-- I think that the AHCA will be very interested in helping with and 
supporting Sprite commemorations, including Rick Moses'.  I have NEVER, 
EVER, heard anyone in the club leadership make any comments disparaging 
Sprites or opining that they are interested only in big Healeys.  I do not 
understand where this idea comes from, but from my extensive experience, it 
is a total creation of someone's imagination.  The fact is that the AHCA 
leadership is VERY interested in Sprites and Sprite owners, they want more 
Sprite content in the magazine (just like I do), and they will be very 
interested in supporting the Sprite's 50th anniversary celebrations.

-- For those of you in AHCA chapters, go to your chapters' meetings.  
Discuss the upcoming 50th anniversary.  Get the ball rolling with some ideas 
for ways to commemorate it at the local, regional, and national level.  
Positivity begets positivity.

-- Recalling ancient grudges and perceived slights and imaginary anti-Sprite 
statements will NOT result in more/better/bigger commemorations of the 
Sprite's Golden Anniversary.  Bringing positive ideas and a willingness to 
roll up your sleeves and invest a little sweat will.  If you don't think 
you're getting the support or interest or respoinse you should get, contact 
the leadership!  (Don't bother complaining on the spridgets mail list where 
it probably won't be seen by anyone who can really do anything about it.)

For my part, I can tell you that I work diligently to find Sprite material 
for "Healey Marque," and I have some good stuff lined up in the March, April 
and May issues.  I'll also be quite happy to lend whatever support I can to 
publicizing and promoting Sprite celebrations and commemorations, but your 
starting point ought to be your local AHCA chapter, and your own ideas, and 
your own willingness to work at it.  Positive people are ALWAYS welcomed.

That's my two cents (maybe more; sorry it got a bit long).

Reid Trummel
Portland, Oregon

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