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Lacquer Sanding Tips Needed

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Subject: Lacquer Sanding Tips Needed
From: "Schotland" <schotbus@cyberenet.net>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 00:26:47 +0000
A friend repaired a little dent in my Alpine's rear fender last weekend 
and repainted it with lacquer because he said was very easy to work 
with.  If the car were anything more than a somewhat shabby driver, I 
would have gone with a more durable paint.  Now the ball's in my court as 
far as sanding the dull initial finish to point where it looks presentable.

My friend said I should wet sand with 1200 grit.  After lots of elbow 
grease, a small section is getting fairly smooth, but it's not nearly as 
shiny as I'd like it.  Rather than spending an entire weekend 
knocking myself out on one fender, I thought it would be wise to seek 
advise from someone who's experienced with lacquer.  My questions are:

Should I start wet sanding with a coarser paper and then move to the 
1200?  If so, what grit do you suggest?

After the 1200 grit, what is the next step to get that showroom 
shine?  Should I continue wet sanding with a finer grit paper or 
should I change to some sort of super fine grit polishing compound?  
Product recommendations would be most welcome.

Thanks for your assistance.


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