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FW: FW: Synthetic Oil

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Subject: FW: FW: Synthetic Oil
From: "D. E. Adin" <adin@frontier.net>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 18:13:58 -0600
This sounds very much like the old wive's tale about detergent/non detergent
oils from when I was just a tot.  Isn't part of the SAE (MGLI?) requirements
state that these lubricants be interchange-able?

I'm just guessing.

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hasta la bye bye

Durango David


Ran my rebuilt tranny 1,000 miles on gear oil, drained it out, with any
pieces worn off the new edges, and replaced with Mobil 1. It was $10/qt.

In the hope that I am not repeating this warning by singling it out for

I have heard that it is NOT a good idea to change to a synthetic oil on
a car (engine or transmission) that has many miles on multigrade oils.
These oils, and others, have detergent additives to keep deposits in
solution for draining while changing oils. They also permeate seals and

A synthetic oil, I have been told, can clean out these permeation and
oil/deposit combinations, and they will be removed from all the seals
and gaskets. This "gunk" just may be the only thing preventing a leak,
and you will be bleeding from new wounds.

I have no direct knowledge of the accuracy of this view, and it may be
an urban legend, but I have heard many say to use it on fresh engines only.

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