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Re: [Tigers] ID Tag versus Dipping/Stripping

To: Tony Somebody <achd73@yahoo.com>, "tigers@autox.team.net"
Subject: Re: [Tigers] ID Tag versus Dipping/Stripping
From: Cullen McCann <cmccann@lwpb.com>
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 11:11:10 -0600
I agree with Tony, I considered the same issue when i started stripping my
tiger, and i was told by the stripping company that it definately would eat
the vin plate, rust, plastic, rubber...and everything else. There are no good
chemical dippers in oklahoma, and i  would have had to go to the dallas texas
area to find one. The chemicals are so hazardous and so caustic, the epa has
all but outlawed them in my state, from what i was told. I was so concerned
about the level of aggression  from  the dipping process that i chose to media
blast, and glad i did, it turned out fine. but, nevertheless, chemical dipping
might be the right choice for some.  But rest assured it will eat everthing on
the car that is not steel, period, and some say it will even WEAKEN the steel
by eating a little bit of that off the top as they say. on a side note, a few
mopars and gm's were "acid dipped" in the 60's from the factory or as COPO's
etc, to lighten the body for factory racing. it actually made the walls of the
sheet metal body thinner. im sure the process is completely different, but
nevertheless, the nature of chemical dipping can be quite aggressive and
shouldnt be taken lightly. My 2 cents.

i asked them if they could "block off" the  vin plate and somehow protect it,
because i still have my original rivets and now understand that its a plus if
you do...but they said they could not protect them. Rivets,Vin plate,
inspection plate, bacteria and everything else...gone forever.


Im told it eats both ALL GONE. Thats why many TACed Tigers have non original
rivets. Ive heard some people have orignal replacements but I have no idea if
thats true. If the car is orginally a Tiger the TAC team will approve it as
orginal REAL Tiger with non orginal rivets on the paper that comes with the
sticker- I dont know what the TAC sticker says, I didnt look at it
 but I have to remove the dash before spring, so I will see what a TAC
looks like up close and pesonal.
Happy New Year to ALL of my sick, as in addicted to Sunbeams, friends. May
2010 be the bestus of all the restus
TonytheTiger wrote:

I am in the process of caustic dipping and acid dipping my 66 MK1A.  The shop
needs to know if the ID plate and/or rivots holding it to the car are
or other soft metal.  We are concerned the rivots will be eaten by the acid
and drop the ID plate into the bottom of the bath (gone forever) or the plate
and rivots will both be devoured.  I am sure someone has addressed this issue
before - suggestions?
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