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Re: [Tigers] Bolt-on Hood Scoop On Original Hood?

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Bolt-on Hood Scoop On Original Hood?
From: spook01@comcast.net
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 05:45:12 +0000 (UTC)
check with the cobra replicators.B 

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Bolt-on Hood Scoop On Original Hood?

I ordered what I thought was a replica of the original Cobra FIA scoop from
B Tony Branda and it ended up being the same scoop as I have on my '07
Mustang B Shelby GT. It appeared out of place when I mocked it up on the
B Tiger,
as it was just too big and covered too much hood space.The Cobra scoop is B 
smaller and more in scale with the Tiger's hood, I'd say. I sent it B back.
Alcala makes a very nice aluminum replica, but the price is very much in B 
line with his great workmanship...
I'm sure, with more research, there is a good source for a proper FIA Cobra
B scoop at a reasonable price, but I've tabled the idea for now...just can't
bear B the thought of cutting into my freshly painted hood!
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srwick @ hotmail .com writes:

You B might consider the hood scoop from a 2006-2008 Shelby GT (not B GT500)
Mustang. Mine looks like the originals' , including fake rivets B around the
perimeter, but is bolted on from underneath. It's non-functional B but it
shouldn't be to much of a problem to make it functional. The plus B side is,
they are new and available. Just another B option.

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The scoop you are referring to B was very much like (or the same as) those
on the 289 Cobra B  racecars . B I know Steve Alcala (El Segundo, CA) used to
them and he may still. B The scoop was not bolted on, but riveted B on. B The
depends on what air cleaner is in use. B  Measure carefully!

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Subject: B [Tigers] Bolt-on Hood Scoop On Original Hood?

Has anyone seen or B used an original Tiger/Alpine hood with a bolt-on hood
scoop instead B of an LAT hood? B If so, what kind of scoop ( Thunderbird ?)?
wonder what sort of hole would need to be cut into the hood for B the scoop.
Does anyone have any pictures, top and bottom side of B such a hood that they
would be willing to send to me, please? B  Thanks in advance! B Mauro
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