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Re: [Tigers] Bolt-on Hood Scoop On Original Hood?

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Bolt-on Hood Scoop On Original Hood?
From: "Smit, Theo" <Theo.Smit@dynastream.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 10:08:16 -0700
TigersUnited.com has an article on a very nice turkey pan type
installation done by Tim Ronak.

This used the stock air cleaner assembly, in a Kent Wilcox hood. If you
want a tall filter then you'll have to do something like this with a
Hellings&Stellings filter assembly as Mike suggests.


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> Subject: Re: [Tigers] Bolt-on Hood Scoop On Original Hood?
> There are plenty of scoops out there that would be wider,
> like the Fox Mustang "Pace Car" type, but they would cover
> most of the Tiger's hood! Not a good look, imho.
> If I was still going to do a scoop, I'd run a small, round
> period correct Stelling & Hellings air filter and fabricate a
> "Turkey Pan" (see link below)  to make it a true CAI (cold
> air induction) and maximize the benefit of cutting a  hole in
> the hood, while still looking entirely period correct.
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