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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Speed Driven Gear Questions have...
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Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016 6:08:56 -0800
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I believe the Tiger is 6 teeth. 7 is the other common size.
Other useful info is the Tiger speedo takes 980 revolutions to rack up 1 mile 
on the odometer. Its printed on the face of the speedo in a really small font.
---- Larry Mayfield via Tigers <tigers@autox.team.net> wrote: 
> sparked one from me. What is the number of teeth on the drive gear itself?
> The one that is on the actual output shaft of the transmission?  I suspect
> there can be a couple of them that could be used.  With that gear count and
> the driven gears available it becomes fairly easy to determine which speedo
> cable driven gear is best for the car parameters, like tire size, final
> drive rations etc. 
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