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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Speed Driven Gear Questions have...
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        1st I want to thank David Franchi for the pictures from his store of
Original Tiger parts and his knowledge of Original Parts.

Tom is very correct when it comes to these gears.   Ford has RH and LH gears
for the tail shaft and cable , different types and the length of the nose is
different for different transmissions.  Compatibility is never assured.
You really need the original cable gear from a transplant transmission to
know what you have for gears and have something to compare if a new gear is

Looking at Mustang Parts Catalogs about these gears is confusing at best.
If you're in doubt you may need to ask an expert.

Everything I can see about the Tiger speedo gears indicates they are RH

Ron Fraser

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One needs to be careful. On some transmissions not all shaft gears work
well, (if at all) with all speedometer gears. I don't know if this is
actually the case with Ford in general or the Toploader in particular. So, I
just say this as a caution - check to make sure.  When I did a trans swap
with a Ford T-5 (not a Tiger) the C-4 speedometer gear bound on the back
side of the case. This caused the yellow gear on the output shaft to "walk" 
down the shaft and out of mesh. Try as I might I just couldn't force the
shaft gear back into position with screwdrivers. I was just about ready to
pull the driveshaft and tail housing when I found an old halogen "torch" 
style light in my scrape pile. One of the tube sections has just a large
enough ID to go over the output shaft and a small enough OD to clear the
bearing and seal. A little hammer knock on the tube put the output shaft
gear back in place (thankfully). I remedied the speedometer gear by grinding
the tip down so it didn't bind. I guess the T-5 and the Toploader support
the gear differently. While not directly related..., on the GM 700R4 once
the speedometer gear gets to a certain size they actually have a whole
different $peedometer gear housing you need to use!

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Hello, Thanks for the info and reply!

I went to David Kee top loader pages and found this:
A black drive gear with 7 teeth pn C4DZ-17285A  NOT for Tiger
A  pink gear with 6 Teeth pn C5ZZ-17285A  NOT for tiger
A Yellow gear with  7 Teeth  pn DK296-YSG  FOR Tiger
A Brown gear with 8 teeth  pn DK286-BSG FOT Tiger
There are no 6T drive gears for the top loader, at least available anyway.
With the plethora of driven gears and a pair of drive gears and knowing the 
dire diameter for the revolutions per mile calculation then one should be 
able to come pretty dang close to reality I think.  That 8=980 revs per 
mile is a high number due to the dinky OEM tire size sold with the cars. I 
think the overall diameter of the Dunlop 5.90 tires was 20.5 inches which 
would be about right for the 980 res per mile. Tires today are larger and a 
205 x 15 is 23 inches or so in diameter and that results in a lower of revs 
per mile to run the speedo. So, the drive and driven gears need to be 
selected  to get that tire back to a pseudo 980 revs per mile.  And the rear

gear needs to be added in as well if it has been changed. Not a terrifically

involved process but stuff has to be accounted for in order to get a good 
reading speedo. Final fiddling can be achieved internally to the speedo 
although I have never ever tried that.

Or purchase a GPS unit, lol. Plug and play....  add power, turn on....


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I believe the Tiger is 6 teeth. 7 is the other common size.
Other useful info is the Tiger speedo takes 980 revolutions to rack up 1 
mile on the odometer. Its printed on the face of the speedo in a really 
small font.
---- Larry Mayfield via Tigers <tigers@autox.team.net> wrote:
> sparked one from me. What is the number of teeth on the drive gear itself?
> The one that is on the actual output shaft of the transmission?  I
> suspect there can be a couple of them that could be used.  With that
> gear count and the driven gears available it becomes fairly easy to
> determine which speedo cable driven gear is best for the car
> parameters, like tire size, final drive rations etc.
> mayf
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