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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Speed Driven Gear Questions have...
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One needs to be careful. On some transmissions not all shaft gears work 
well, (if at all) with all speedometer gears. I don't know if this is 
actually the case with Ford in general or the Toploader in particular. So, I 
just say this as a caution - check to make sure.  When I did a trans swap 
with a Ford T-5 (not a Tiger) the C-4 speedometer gear bound on the back 
side of the case. This caused the yellow gear on the output shaft to "walk" 
down the shaft and out of mesh. Try as I might I just couldn't force the 
shaft gear back into position with screwdrivers. I was just about ready to 
pull the driveshaft and tail housing when I found an old halogen "torch" 
style light in my scrape pile. One of the tube sections has just a large 
enough ID to go over the output shaft and a small enough OD to clear the 
bearing and seal. A little hammer knock on the tube put the output shaft 
gear back in place (thankfully). I remedied the speedometer gear by grinding 
the tip down so it didn't bind. I guess the T-5 and the Toploader support 
the gear differently. While not directly related..., on the GM 700R4 once 
the speedometer gear gets to a certain size they actually have a whole 
different $peedometer gear housing you need to use!

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Hello, Thanks for the info and reply!

I went to David Kee top loader pages and found this:
A black drive gear with 7 teeth pn C4DZ-17285A  NOT for Tiger
A  pink gear with 6 Teeth pn C5ZZ-17285A  NOT for tiger
A Yellow gear with  7 Teeth  pn DK296-YSG  FOR Tiger
A Brown gear with 8 teeth  pn DK286-BSG FOT Tiger
There are no 6T drive gears for the top loader, at least available anyway.
With the plethora of driven gears and a pair of drive gears and knowing the 
dire diameter for the revolutions per mile calculation then one should be 
able to come pretty dang close to reality I think.  That 8=980 revs per 
mile is a high number due to the dinky OEM tire size sold with the cars. I 
think the overall diameter of the Dunlop 5.90 tires was 20.5 inches which 
would be about right for the 980 res per mile. Tires today are larger and a 
205 x 15 is 23 inches or so in diameter and that results in a lower of revs 
per mile to run the speedo. So, the drive and driven gears need to be 
selected  to get that tire back to a pseudo 980 revs per mile.  And the rear 
gear needs to be added in as well if it has been changed. Not a terrifically 
involved process but stuff has to be accounted for in order to get a good 
reading speedo. Final fiddling can be achieved internally to the speedo 
although I have never ever tried that.

Or purchase a GPS unit, lol. Plug and play....  add power, turn on....


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I believe the Tiger is 6 teeth. 7 is the other common size.
Other useful info is the Tiger speedo takes 980 revolutions to rack up 1 
mile on the odometer. Its printed on the face of the speedo in a really 
small font.
---- Larry Mayfield via Tigers <tigers@autox.team.net> wrote:
> sparked one from me. What is the number of teeth on the drive gear itself?
> The one that is on the actual output shaft of the transmission?  I
> suspect there can be a couple of them that could be used.  With that
> gear count and the driven gears available it becomes fairly easy to
> determine which speedo cable driven gear is best for the car
> parameters, like tire size, final drive rations etc.
> mayf
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