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Re: End Float, & too little?

Subject: Re: End Float, & too little?
From: (Rodney Orr)
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 08:29:56 GMT
Thanks for the advice.  This is exactly the kind of stuff that you can't
find anywhere else than here.  There are few SoLs up here and no Triumph
club to get together with other owners.

Does anyone know if it is possible to have too tight an end float (TR6)?  I
installed 2 new +0.005 thrust washers last weekend and could only get both
in by first installing 1 only half way and then starting the other one in
from the other side of the crank.  Once they were both in half way, it
wasn't too hard to move them into proper position.  I'm wondering now,
however, if things can be too tight.  Everything turns nicely, but am I in
for increased wear because there is too little end float.  I've no idea how
tight it is as there was too little end float to measure.


'70 TR6

>The best way to minimize wear on your thrust washers is to use the clutch 
>sparingly--put the car in neutral and take your foot off of the clutch 
>rather than leaving the car in gear and pressing the clutch pedal.  When 
>your foot's on the clutch, you're pushing the crank against the thrust 
>The most important time to do this is when you start the car.  Always start 
>the car in neutral with your right foot on the brake and your left foot off 
>of the clutch.  At startup, there's no oil pressure to lubricate the thrust 
>Here's another tip I learned on the BritCar list years ago: to save wear and 
>tear on the dash consol, before you pull the choke cable, press the 
>accelerator pedal to the floor.  The choke mechanism has a cam that opens 
>the trottle valve as it closes the choke; this cam is pretty stiff, and it 
>accounts for the bulk of the resistance you feel when you pull the choke 
>cable.  By pressing the accelerator pedal, you relieve all the pressure on 
>this cam, making the choke much easier to pull out.
>Kevin "trying to make this thing last" Riggs
>'72 TR6
>Huntsville, AL
- - - - -
Rodney Orr

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