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Re: TR6 - Elec Prob - Ignition Wires

Subject: Re: TR6 - Elec Prob - Ignition Wires
From: aj253@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Tony Robinson)
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 96 14:57:53 MST

>Need some advice - has anyone encountered a problem with the wires between
>the ignition switch and the coil becoming loose and malfunctioning.  There
>doesn't appear to be any actual "short" - just as the wire (I believe the
>white one- from ignition to coil)  moves, the power to the coil dies (Ign
>light, brake light are on the same circuit)  Car will either die, or not
>It doesn't appear to be at the circular end that fits into the back of the
>Key assembly - I can't tell if it is in the plastic "plug" between the end of
>the pig tail and the wiring harness,  or if it is further back up in the

 Not likely that it is merely the connection. If it were, your problem 
would be intermittant since the connection would come and go. 
 Sounds more like the coil is grounding internally. Try another one and 
see if it eliminates the problem.
 Also, the 12v wire to the coil from the ignition switch, should be 
isolated. Nothing else attached to it. If you should develope a short in 
the tapped circuit, it can affect the coil.
 One other area you might consider checking is the rotor to distributor 
cap phasing.
 If the distributor is extremely worn, it can cause sparking before or 
after the correct alignment of the rotor and the wire terminals. This is 
called out of phase.
 Could be something as simple as bad wire to distributor forom coil.
Good luck

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