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Re: TR8 Rack & Pinion

To: Caamano C SSgt 28BS/MAF <>, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: TR8 Rack & Pinion
From: "Atwell (Buff) Haines" <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 21:48:51
At 09:25 AM 11/3/97 -0600, Caamano C SSgt 28BS/MAF wrote:
>Hi everybody, I joined your list about two weeks ago but have been dying
>to write.
>I own a 1980 EFI TR8, which is my first and only British car. I love it,
>but my rack
>and pinion is leaking pretty bad. I was told by an old "BRITISH CAR"
>to get a new or rebuilt rack because it would be useless for me to get a
>kit ( from Rimmer Bros ) because it will leak again. The rebuilt rack
>from Rimmer 
>Bros is kind of high priced for me. Is there another place to get this
>item from or can 
>I just get the repair kit? Do any of you have any suggestions? Please
>let me know
>what you think. I am afraid that if I buy the repair kit and pay to
>remove, repair and
>reinstall the rack and it leaks I would have to start all over again
>with the rack from
>Rimmer Bros.
>Sorry for the rambling, your advice will be greatly appreciated
Hi Carlos, wecome to the List.

Have you asked some local auto parts stores about a rebuilt rack?

Sometimes they can save you money (and sometimes they can't, so shop around).

Example:  I needed front brake calipers for my Spitfire.   The local guys
were 25% cheaper than the "big 3" Britpart suppliers here in the US.   But
a mail order house was 1/2 the price of the locals on tie rod ends.

Atwell (Buff) Haines
'79 Spitfire FM 96062

Succasunna, NJ USA

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