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TR4A leaf spring woes

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Subject: TR4A leaf spring woes
From: "Dave Rupert"<>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 97 09:42:59 -0500
     I think I finally have my leaf spring problem diagnosed, but not 
     solved.  Although TRF was out of the TR4A leaf springs, Vicky Brit 
     said they had them in stock.  I immediately ordered a pair.  Imagine 
     my disgust to find that they were just like the ones I bought three 
     years ago.  
     I measured both the new springs and the three year old ones, and found 
     that they were 39 inches from eye center to eye center, and approx. 9 
     3/8 inches from the floor to the bottom of the arch when turned upside 
     down (they all varied by 1/4 inch).  
     At this point, I started questioning wether I was just assembling the 
     suspension incorrectly, so I consulted every manual and book I had.  I 
     found in Bill Piggot's TR restorer's guide, p. 58, that the rear 
     springs were changed during TR4 production at CT23383 to a 'deep 
     dished' type that necessitated an aluminum spacer.  The light bulb 
     begins to glimmer.  
     The pictures in the spare parts catalogs show a spring that has almost 
     no curvature for the TR4A, while the springs that I received have a 
     very deep curvature.  I think I've been sold the springs for the TR4 
     with aluminum spacers. BTW, the latest springs from Vicky Brit had the 
     TR4A part number on them, so it looks like they are marked wrong in 
     inventory.  This oughta be fun to explain.  
     Meanwhile, if anyone out there has a rigid axle TR4A with springs that 
     they can sell, I'm ready to trade major organs for them. 
     Dave Rupert
     1967 springless TR4A
     1980 TR7  

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