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Re: center console 79 spit cal car

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Subject: Re: center console 79 spit cal car
From: "Larry Hooven" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 09:01:26 PST

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Larry, pull out that Vicky Brit catalogue one more time, look on page 
Item 18 is the trans cover in either masonite or hi-tech ABS plastic.
("My Spit is better'n yours - it has ABS!")

Many owners have cut holes in the masonite.  The one on the drivers side 
surely for the clutch slave cylinder.   Betcha have a hole on the 
side too for the speedo drive and\or the trans filler plug.  (Talking
lefthand drive here.)

it looks like a "chew" hole placed there by the rodentia that used to 
have a residence in the vehicle prior to me owning it.  but given the 
remainder of the hacks perfomed by the DPO i would not be surprised if 
it was intentionally a shoddy job., haven't looked at the passenger side 
yet, the only reason i noticed it is because i was wondering where all 
the wonderful light was coming from when i was removing the oil drain 

Atwell Haines
'79 Spitfire  FM96062 UO

Succasunna, NJ USA
"Q: How do Blonde brain cells die? A: Alone."

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