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Subject: Re: theft prevention...
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 05:24:15 -0400
Hello, Peter Zaborski

The theft prevention I use is a very good simpel and specialy 'original'.
In the fifty's there was a theft protection for cars that called the
In principel It disconnect the wire to the ignition coil.
There is no way to start, unless you hard-wire the disconnected wire.
In England there is a company that revised it, to the standards of today.
So it is and original item that is very good against thiefs.
The way it works now is the same.
Before you want to start the car you have to put a little key in a slot and "in
30 sec." you can start the car.
An signal led will indicate green.
If you don't have a key than you can start the car, it operate's (starter
motor) but there is no spark because the ignition coil is disconnected, also an
alarm will go on.(option)
Hardwire is not possible because the ignition coil is provided whit an cap with
al the elektronics in it, that only fits one time.
For dismanteling you need an new coil.
theifs don't have extra coils I think.??

so I hope it is clear to you, for any questions please let me know.

Kind regards,

Paul Mathey
TR3A, 1958

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