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markings on 6 cyl blocks

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Subject: markings on 6 cyl blocks
From: "Terry & Cindy O'Beirne" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 21:01:50 +1000
Organization: esp wholesale
There has been some diccussion on the "originality" of the
red and yellow painted markings under the exhaust manifold
on 6 cyl cars.

Some input and help is needed

*********** wrote:
> The block had the number 66 painted in red under the 5&6 ports.
> The exhaust manifold sort of covers it.
> There was another smaller 66 on the left side, neither is very
> easy to see on an assembled car, but they are there.
> This was a late 1971 car, when we rebuilt the 1973 and 1972 we
> placed the same numbers in the same spots...  always questioned
> if this was correct, i.e. did the 66 mean something specific
> or was this an every unit item?
> Other details of interest:
> 1.  brand of OEM alternator belt, i.e. we will find a stamp for this
> 2.  any markings on the other hoses?  I found the 5/16" yellow fuel
>     line markings and had a stamp made to recreate these on modern
>     hoses of the same material
> I actually have an OEM version of the car's Lucas battery, etc.
> Any other items you might have noticed would be appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Roger
> --
> Roger G. Bolick, 512-794-9567, FAX 

All I can suggest is relevant people post their data to the net & I'll
try and decipher it. I have not been able to decipher the codes to date.
It appears as though they changed each year and for each fitment, eg GT6
VS TR6 VS 2500 sedan, then high/low compression variants etc.

In realtion to OE fan belt etc, experience suggests Triumph fitted
whatever was cheap.

If somebody has a supply of the the yellow striped vacuum hose for the
brake booster, I'd sure like some

The yellow striped rad hoses on TR250 were unique to the US I believe.
All other markets got green, right thru to the end of production.

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