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Re:RE: 74 TR6 - Front wheel bearings - cover

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Subject: Re:RE: 74 TR6 - Front wheel bearings - cover
From: (Bud Rolofson)
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 14:15:16 -0500

       the dust covers on the front hubs....were designed from the factory to be
removed by screwing in a #8 self tapping screw...  So go another size larger.

For my Spitfire autocross car (same dust caps) I wound up chewing the hole a bit
larger and using a 1/4 USS bolt as the'd be a good idea to at
least clean the grease off the cap and tape over the hole when it's all back

You have to be careful about denting the dust cap too much, it'll hit on the
castle nut and at very least pop the cap off.


>>>I guess I was lucky that no one has ever tapped a hole in my dust covers. 
The dust covers on my TR6 don't have ANY holes for ANY size screw, (hence my
confusion about the question of threads on a dust cover).  They are solid.  I
didn't know the Bentley manual recommended the screw/hole extraction method. 
Doesn't that let grease eventually drip out and be thrown about by the wheel
(maybe that's a way of keeping the lugs lubricated)?  I can't think of a good
reason for having/or putting a hole in a dust cover if it could be avoided.  If
my dust covers had a hole I'd be tempted to plug the hole with some J&B Weld and
be rid of that unnecessary LBC leak.

Pulling them with vise grips avoids tapping a hole in them.  I agree that one
needs to use some common sense and not put a big dent in them (e.g. crush them
beyond recognition or to the point where the castle nut hits the dust cover) or
we'll end up with warning (Moron)labels such as the one, that was recently
honored for stupidity by a Consumer Group, telling people to "Remove baby before
folding up stroller."

Love this list, ya learn something new everyday and lots of times relearn a lot
of things.

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