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No Spark Spit

Subject: No Spark Spit
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 23:23:56 EDT
            I'm trying to get the new spit started. No spark, not anywhere. 
Not from plug wires,not from HT lead.
             Installed new coil, new points, and new condenser. still nada. 
Wires to coil hooked up correctly. Voltage to coil ok. Voltage from coil ok. 
wire from coil to distrib ok. Tried different plug wires from coil to ground, 
No good. Tried piece of wire from coil to ground, no luck. Don't know correct 
gap for Spit. I set them at .014.
            Is it possible that the new coil is bad? Or the condenser? Is 
there any thing else Iv'e missed. Maybe utter some Incantations to the gods 
of Lucas, Sacrafice a spark plug or somthing?
             Anyway any help is welcome, and as always TIA. At Least I 
thought of a name for the Spit

Ken Copeland
70 GT6+ KC78784
70 Spit FDU84919  (Sparky) :o)

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