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Triumphs verse Wife

To: <>
Subject: Triumphs verse Wife
From: "Bill Brewer" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 06:12:05 -0800
Hey Listers,
     This is a serious and sensitive issue.
     SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed), IE my wife, has a problem with my cars
(two TR-3's). I get up at 0430 every morning to work on them while she and
our three young children are still sleeping. I get 90 minutes personal time
every morning which is divided 50/50 between Triumphs and studying the
Bible. I find it easy to jump out of bed at the thought of being able to
work on the car with a hot cup of tea, unmolested.
     My kids love to ride in the TR.
     My wife thinks that it is okay sometimes.

     I am trying to placate my wife. I do things that might help her to join
and enjoy my hobby. Our British car club is very wife friendly and
essentially everyone comes with their wife. I take her with me to two yearly
car shows (and shopping after) and see if she likes any aspect of the hobby.
It turns out that she has always loved Morris Minor Woody Wagons
(Travellers). There may be one in our garage someday.
     If my wife came home and caught me in bed with her best friend she
would say "Well at least he wasn't working on that F***ing Triumph."
     The Triumph and airplane were both here long before the wife. Maybe
they are the last strongholds of bachelorhood that she is trying to purge.
     Can any listers provide any usefull lessons learned and helpful
suggestions? There could be some real nuggets of wisdom out there.
     I love my wife and am a dedicated husband and father. My wife views the
Triumph as the "other woman". I feel that life is too short not to drive a
     Bill Brewer

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