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Re: Moss U/K

To: (N.A. Campiglia III)
Subject: Re: Moss U/K
From: Bill Gunshannon <>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 08:53:36 -0500 (EST)
According to N.A. Campiglia III:
> Can you say "Made in Germany" and 'Made in Brazil"???

I think people have missed the point of my example.  The parts aren't
packaged differently.  The parts aren't branded differently.  The parts
are indistinguishable and come from the same bin on the parts shelf.

The difference is the price list.  One says Porsche on the front cover
and the other says Volkswagen.  The part is the same in both cases, only
the price is different.

Sad but true.  And probably why when I went walking through the local
junk yard looking for Spitfire carcasses I passed by two Porsche 914's
with no apparent body damage.  Probably had blown engines and the owners
were scared off by the repair prices they were quoted without realizing
it's only a Volkswagen engine with bigger sleeves and pistons!!


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