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Re: GT6

To: Bob Greene <>
Subject: Re: GT6
From: Barry Schwartz <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:40:18 -0800
>2. Are parts available?
>3: What is it worth?
>4: There must be parts from a Spit & a TR6 that are the same?
>       Love too hear from the GT6 experts!
>       Thanks
As a GT6 owner for over 10 years now, I can give you a little info - Most
body/suspension and frame components are shared with the Spitfire.  The
major differences are in the brakes and engine (some components shared with
the TR6 and some unique)  most all parts are available but the big thing
you will notice is how small the car feels.  I have both a Spitfire and the
GT and can tell you that the GT "feels" MUCH tinier than the Spitfire even
though the interior is exactly the same.  Keep in mind that even the "big"
TR's share the same basic interior dimensions as the "Smaller" Spitfires
plus or minus a 1/2 inch or so, so comparisons are inevitable.   The car
feels very different in character than the Spitfire as was intended by BL
I'm sure.  It's nowhere near as sporty and is much more a Grand Touring car
which was it's design intent and it was achieved very well.  That's not to
say you can't toss it around, but it's much more at home "cruising" to your
favorite destination and at the end, when the valet takes the car, says
"cool car" and parks it out in front (happens every time) with the Ferraris
and Jags it shines!

Barry Schwartz (San Diego)

72 PI, V6 Spitfire (daily driver)
70 GT6+ (when I don't drive the Spit)
70 Spitfire (long term project)

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