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To: Joe Curry <>
Subject: Re: carbs
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 07:01:52 +0000
Cc: Fred Thomas <>,, francois wildi <>
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Joe Curry wrote:

> Fred Thomas wrote:
> >
> > Moss does not sell a standard size reamer, only a oversize, 25/64 is what
> > TRFand Joe Currato use when rebuilding H6 & HS-6 carbs (both are the same
> > size), so I have no idea what size shafts you would use if you try reaming
> > with any other size reamer or drill bit.  "FT"
> Personally, I would NEVER use an oversize shaft when rebuilding carbs.  This 
>just puts more metal in the air flow path.
> Joe

You can inquire of Apple Hydraulics or White Post restorations and get a cost 
for commercially - done re-bushing. I think
you'll find it around $75 per carburetor for just the rebushing and nothing 

I have purchased the reamer from Moss and it is quite easy to ream the bushings 
for the .010 oversize shafts available from
Moss. Our little engines can't tell the difference between a stock shaft and 
one that is .010 oversize, so thzt works just
fine for street engines. For competition engines, we thin the throttle shafts. 
That is the one modification to the carbs
that gives the biggest bang for the buck as far as flow is concerned. If 
anybody wants this done, I'll do it for less than
the commercial houses. Contact me off line. Or, of course, yu can buy th reamer 
from Moss and do it yourself for less than
the cost of what the commercial houses charge.


uncle jack - red, white, and New Blue

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