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Re: carbs

To: "Jack W. Drews" <>, Joe Curry <>
Subject: Re: carbs
From: Kevin Rhodes <>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2001 10:01:47 -0400
Cc: Fred Thomas <>,, francois wildi <>
References: <000701c14acb$4ee17720$81eaa4d8@vafred> <>
Tom Bryant up here in Maine rebuilds and rebushes SU's for $130/pair. That 
includes all parts, new throttle shafts and some very trick bushings that 
he developed. He is primarily an old Volvo guy, but he will rebuild any SU. 
I can dig up his address if anyone is interested.

I am a VERY satisfied customer, he did my HS2's last spring. Given that the 
various parts alone are near $100 from the usual suspects, I think this 
counts as a bargain.

Kevin Rhodes
Westbrook, Maine

At 07:01 10/02/2001 +0000, Jack W. Drews wrote:
>Joe Curry wrote:
> > Fred Thomas wrote:
> > >
> > > Moss does not sell a standard size reamer, only a oversize, 25/64 is what
> > > TRFand Joe Currato use when rebuilding H6 & HS-6 carbs (both are the same
> > > size), so I have no idea what size shafts you would use if you try 
> reaming
> > > with any other size reamer or drill bit.  "FT"
> >
> > Personally, I would NEVER use an oversize shaft when rebuilding 
> carbs.  This just puts more metal in the air flow path.
> >
> > Joe
> >
>You can inquire of Apple Hydraulics or White Post restorations and get a 
>cost for commercially - done re-bushing. I think
>you'll find it around $75 per carburetor for just the rebushing and 
>nothing else.
>I have purchased the reamer from Moss and it is quite easy to ream the 
>bushings for the .010 oversize shafts available from
>Moss. Our little engines can't tell the difference between a stock shaft 
>and one that is .010 oversize, so thzt works just
>fine for street engines. For competition engines, we thin the throttle 
>shafts. That is the one modification to the carbs
>that gives the biggest bang for the buck as far as flow is concerned. If 
>anybody wants this done, I'll do it for less than
>the commercial houses. Contact me off line. Or, of course, yu can buy th 
>reamer from Moss and do it yourself for less than
>the cost of what the commercial houses charge.

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