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Always the same....

To: Jonathan Beaudoin <>
Subject: Always the same....
From: David Massey <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 15:36:52 -0400
Cc: Triumphs LIST <>
Message text written by Jonathan Beaudoin
>Over the pas 5 years I redone almost evrything on my 6, but I always had
the same problem with the idle speed. In town the idle is almost perfect
(almost because perfection is not possible with a TR..) but when I do
long runs on the highway, when I slow down for a stop, the idle is very
rough and won't stay at 850...  I checked evrything on it.. Here are the

TIMING 4 AFTER with vaccum plugged
10 before static

Jonathan, long time, no hear.

I assume that when you say "Vacuum Plugged" you mean it is connected, no? 
If the vacuum is disconnected then the 4 degrees ATDC is too late.

I almost sounds like the mixture may be set too rich.  How does it start
and run when cold?

Dave Massey

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