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Re: Car Buying Ettiquette

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Subject: Re: Car Buying Ettiquette
From: "Scott A. Roberts" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 21:54:30 -0400
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> Well today, a person, contacted my home telephone number four times within
> 90 minutes finally getting a hold of another family member the last time.
> Within another 90 minutes of that last telephone call, he showed up at my
> house to look at my TR6.  Why is this so bad?

Be happy someone is that seriously interested- I have a friend who has sold
a number of cars the past few years, and one of the worst problems is
someone who calls and calls, talks to you, says they're coming at a certain
time, and NEVER SHOWS UP! And then does it two or three times(by which point
my friend would refuse to sell on principle anyway!)

He may have had a little problem with his patience factor, but the fact he
showed up after calling shows his interest. Now if he had money in his
pocket is the next logical question.


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