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Re: TR3 scuttle vent drain and shag carpet

Subject: Re: TR3 scuttle vent drain and shag carpet
From: Randall <>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 13:52:07 -0700
References: <> <009101c153e9$dfbee6c0$>
Edward Woods wrote:
>  The hole, for some reason probably
> known only to Randall, has a lip on it.

I'm no help on where the tube goes.  TS39781LO had neither tube when I
got it, and my previous TR3A had a tee in the line between the battery
box and the trans tunnel.  TS39781LO certainly has lots of mystery
holes, but none with a lip.

However, my guess would be that the lip was so no grommet was required
to keep a raw cut sheet metal edge from cutting into the tube.


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