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Re: Whitworth

Subject: Re: Whitworth
From: Randall <>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 10:43:53 -0700
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Jim :

Whitworth tools are pretty uncommon these days, _none_ of the discount
houses carry them any more, and only a very few of the quality
suppliers.  Some places that do :  (socket sets only, I believe)

I'll also mention Paddock Spares in the UK, but I bought several of
their Whitworth wrench sets with the intention of reselling them (at
cost) to local TR3 owners.  The apparent quality is pretty low, and
about the second one I picked up was simply not the correct size. 
Because of the quality (and general laziness), I haven't offered the
sets to anyone.  Paddock Spares is at :

Most of the Whitworth sizes do not have common equivalents that I find
acceptable.  The size you asked about is 1/4" Whitworth, which takes a
nominal .525" wrench.  14mm is the next larger common size, but it's
pretty big, is very likely to round the head.

NFI in any vendor (except me <g>)

a Wallace wrote:
> As more Lucas, SU, and Zenith bits find their way over to my place, it's
> getting harder to get by without a couple of Whitworth hand wrenches. I
> don't think I need an extensive set - probably only a couple of sizes. I
> definitely need the one that's just >13 mm, can't remember the others - can
> anyone tell me what the sizes are i.e. a Whitworth xyz is just smaller than
> an Imperial abc?
> Regarding a source -I looked at Enco after the recent post, but no luck there.
> Any suggestions? I don't feel the urge for a high-end brand; medium would
> be about right.
> Thanks,

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