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Subject: Re: Upholstery
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Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 08:25:17 -0500
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I had a very good experience with Canley Classics regarding the interior for
my Herald- repro kits are available relatively inexpensively, and seat
rebuild kits are also available. These are pretty easy to sort out and
install yourself, and they seem to be from Newton, who, I believe, was one
of the original suppliers. I would recommend contacting Canley, or Rimmers,
and ordering a set there.

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Subject: Upholstery

> Hello all. Just got my first Triumph (72 Spitfire MK IV) and would like to
> work on the body before I try and tackle the engine, so I just have two
> questions.
>     How much would it cost to have the seats reupholstered by someone who
> knows what they're doing? Second, would it be considered a no-no to just
> some Mazda Miata seats in it instead?  I've run across some people who
told me
> that if everything isn't original, it's not a real Triumph. Thank you!

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